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lou and peter berryman

Lou and Peter
Valentine's Day in Stoughton

Hey gang!  STOUGHTON WI ON VALENTINE'S DAY!  Though few people may be aware of it, we have written scores of love songs since giving up on their early high school depression ballads of the mid 60s.  It's all there:  Love of dog, love of car, love of forsythia, love of refrigerator, love of GPS, love of sleep, love of yodel, love of hair, love of telephone, love of walk, love of spouse, love of memory, love of potato.  On Valentine's Day of 2015, we will bring their whole weird collection of heartwarmers to celebrate their undying love of the Stoughton Opera House and all it represents.  Come watch us sail through this gala evening of not-so-smarmy love dittys will all the passion of two people sitting down to two good sandwiches.  It will be dark in the Opera House so you can kiss your sweetie or text your ex and no one will know.

Lou & Peter Berryman: Valentine's Show
Saturday, February 14, 2015
7:30 pm
Stoughton Opera House
Stoughton, WI

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Psst: New album, called I DON'T GET IT, now available from our BOUTIQUE.