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Lou & Peter's Big Songbook THIRD EDITION
  • Lou & Peter's Big Songbook THIRD EDITION

Lou & Peter's Big Songbook THIRD EDITION

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The BIG SONGBOOK including free shipping via Media Mail.

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  • ONLY $30; FREE SHIPPING in USA. Shipped via media mail.
  • Measures a full 8 1/2 by 11 inches.
  • Now with 222 original songs; 13 new ones since the Second Edition.
  • 334 pages in length.
  • "Perfect" binding like a fine coffeetable paperback.
  • Title on spine for easy finding in your groaning bookcase of songbooks!
  • All chords indicated.
  • All melodies notated.
  • All lyrics included.
  • Illustrated, with comments and other neat stuff.
  •  Contains all the songs from our 1989 and 1996 songbooks (The New Berryman Berryman Songbook and Frescoes and Bowling Balls) plus all songs written since 1996, including those from the 2014 CD I Don't Get It.

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