Hiya!  We are songwriters in the folk/cabaret tradition, you might say, and have been at it full time since the late 70s. Our songs are either funny or not so funny but with a twist. Lou plays the accordion and writes the music; Peter plays the 12-string guitar and writes the lyrics. We have the same last name because we were married to each other briefly many years ago. Currently we have nineteen albums available for download or as CDs. We also have a pretty hefty songbook for sale. You can learn more about us than you probably want to know on our bio page.

Yet another daily life song for the time of quarantine. This one's called "Whatcha Thinkin." (Also known as "I Can Stare" and "I Stare at the Wall.")

Another new video about daily life, spring 2020:


New video as of spring 2020: "NOVEMBER PSA":

This Public Service Announcement (PSA) video was an experiment during quarantine. (You have to listen all the way to the end to find out why it's called "November PSA.") Peter, at his house, wrote lyrics and assigned chords and a tempo to them, and sent this document to Lou, at her house. He then wrote a melody to fit the chords, lyrics, and tempo. Without hearing Peter's melody, Lou also wrote a melody to fith the chords, lyrics, and tempo. Each made a smartphone video of themselves singing their resulting song. Then Lou sent her video to Peter, and he made a split screen video in iMovie with himself on the left and Lou on the right. When the songs were aligned, the melodies complimented each other surprisingly well, overlapping at some points and harmonizing at other points. This is the result. It was great fun!


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