Suggested descriptive phrases: 

  • Folk Music meets Musical Comedy 
  • Original Humorous Music 
  • Formerly Married, Currently Funny 
  • Musical Humorists 

Press release suggestions: 

(46 words) The formerly married Lou and Peter Berryman, authors of eighteen albums and four songbooks of original material, have performed together for more than thirty-five years post-marriage. Their wonderfully accessible performances of their hilarious yet oddly profound songs leave audiences with cheeks aching from smiling. 

(69 words) Lou and Peter Berryman have been performing together for more than thirty-five years and have produced eighteen albums of their original music. They appear at folk venues, on radio programs such as Garrison Keillor's A Prairie Home Companion and at festivals throughout North America. They have been chosen twice by Senators Feingold & Kohl to represent the state of Wisconsin with performances at the Kennedy Center in Washington, DC.

(106 words) The formerly married Lou and Peter Berryman are musical humorists who have delighted nationwide audiences for more than thirty-five years post-marriage. Frequent comparisons to Tom Lehrer, Flanders and Swann, and Gilbert and Sullivan notwithstanding, these two are originals, blending Midwestern culture with intelligent observation in a whimsical and wonderfully accessible performance. They have produced eighteen albums and four songbooks of their original and hilarious yet oddly profound songs, and have toured the US and Canada to rave reviews. Berryman songs are being sung around the world, by a legion of professional musicians from Peggy Seeger to Garrison Keillor, as well as shower singers everywhere. 

(176 words) Lou and Peter Berryman began their musical partnership in high school in Appleton, Wisconsin, way back in the sixties. By the late seventies, they had established themselves as a prominent feature of the songwriting subculture of Wisconsin's capital, playing their original material every week for almost ten years in the run-down but trendy music room of Madison's Club de Wash. Gradually expanding their circuit, they began crisscrossing the continent and gaining national attention with appearances on such programs as Public Radio's A Prairie Home Companion and NPR's Weekend Edition. Regular appearances at festivals and folk music clubs all across the country now serve as venues for the songs contained in their eighteen recordings and four songbooks, which have been performed by everyone from Garrison Keillor to Peggy Seeger. The popularity of Lou and Peter Berryman -- whose friendship survived a brief marriage in the seventies -- is a testiment to their intelligent and wickedly funny material which is never bawdy or risque but is rich with wordplay and witty images. This duo is not to be missed.