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Lou & Peter Berryman, Box 3400, Madison WI 53704 •

©2017 L&P Berryman

Headin' back to Mars we pay the earth a call
T'find if there's a trace of lIfe at all
Signs are positive, although if so
Where'd everybody go?

Let the saucer cool and drive the rover down
Thru the picturesque Wisconsin town
Hoped we'd see a couple Earthlings tho
Where'd everybody go?

Came across a strip mall; Came across a zoo
S'prized to find that here, there is a Starbucks too
But where's the terrestrial ebb and flow?
Where'd everybody go?

Paper says the day's called Sunday afternoon
Might as well have landed on the nearby moon
Downtown's nothing but a blank tableau
Where'd everybody go?

Sittin' in the rover, wond'rin why we came
Listening to something called a "Packer game"
What's a "Packer game?" I don't know
Where'd everybody go?

Take a final ramble up and down the street
T'nothing but the clomp of our Martian feet
Find, a, tavern, for a good bye beer
Why's everybody here? Why's everybody here?